What We Do

A two-day programme that assists aspiring and potential entrepreneurs, using simple methodology and business principles, to identify and select valid and sustainable ideas for business.
A material-based programme for potential entrepreneurs with a valid idea to commence their business. It is very interactive, takes approximately 5 days and is taught using advanced adult training methodologies. The objective is to enable the participant develop a concrete, feasible and bankable Business Plan for their small business.
IYB is a training programme for entrepreneurs who want to make progress in the management of their business. The training is modular in order to meet the specific needs of the target group such as Record Keeping, Costing, People Management, Marketing, etc.
The EYB is an integrated training and support package for entrepreneurs with real growth objectives for their business. SMEs that have growth potential are usually referred to as “Growth-Oriented Enterprises” (GOEs). The EYB programme is ‘integrated’ because it provides varied interventions that are important to the growth and expansion of businesses, both training and non-training.
The Mentoring Program is a platform for younger women entrepreneurs to meet and relate with more experienced businesswomen, with a view to receiving guidance that will enhance growth, productivity, and success in their chosen business area.
Business Clinic
Beyond the ILO-SIYB trainings, the Business Clinic is the platform where members meet consultants individually for solutions to their business challenges.
NNEW Cooperative Multipurpose Society
The NNEW Cooperative Multipurpose Society Ltd was inaugurated on the 1st of September, 2010 with the aim of providing an alternative access to business credit from the high interest-bearing financial institutions, investments opportunities and returns for members. It was also initiated to contribute to the overall development of the nation’s economy. As a member of NNEW-CMS, you become a beneficiary of various products/services which include:
  • Voluntary Regular Savings
  • Access to business loans
  • Annual dividends on shares and interest on savings
  • Group Activities
NNEW Women Microfinance Bank
NNEW Women MFB was initiated is to provide an alternative to the interest-based financial institutions, investments opportunities and returns also to contribute in a way to the overall development of the economy.
NNEW Virtual Office
NNEW Virtual Office was established to meet the demands of Small and Medium Scale Entrepreneurs by providing Office space, work station and office location in a well-situated area at and affordable cost. The virtual office provides many benefits for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises such as:
  • Reduce overheads of businesses
  • This Virtual Office will provide affordable work space is a top notch location
  • Users of the facility would have the profile of their businesses enhanced by the location
NNEW Summit
The NNEW Summit is an annual event organized to;:
  • Educate women entrepreneurs on current topical issues relating to our unique gender and business in Nigeria.
  • Recognise women entrepreneurs and institutions that have made significant contributions to the development of women entrepreneurship in Nigeria.
At the quarterly Network meetings, opportunities are created for members to exhibit their products and services. Members are also encouraged and supported to participate in local as well as, international exhibitions organized by the Government or other reputable corporate institutions.
In order to accomplish our vision “to build generations of successful women entrepreneurs”, NNEW, through the Teenpreneurship Programme is reaching out to teenagers to develop entrepreneurial mind-sets and skills very early in life leading to their starting up and running micro/small businesses in their youth. They will learn about:
  • Personal Discovery.
  • Wealth Creation
  • Creativity
  • Decision Making
  • Leadership
  • Health and Wellness
  • Financial Intelligence
  • Business Management